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Mad Squirrel Special Edition Craft Beer Box V3

Mad Squirrel Special Edition Craft Beer Box V3 - Bier Company

Mad Squirrel Special Edition Craft Beer Box V3

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We are back with the Bier Company x Mad Squirrel Craft Beer Box V3!

Featuring some fresh fresh new releases from one of the hottest properties on the UK craft beer scene, along with the new Mad Squirrel Craft Master glassware.

What you get in the Medium box:

10 cans of Mad Squirrel's Special & Core Range
  • 1x Weis'n - Hefeweizen 5.2% (440ml)

  • 1x Alphonso - Mango NEIPA 5.8% (440ml)

  • 1x New Breed -  New England DIPA 8% (440ml)

  • 1x Roadkill -  New England IPA 6.5% (440ml)

  • 1x Hopfest - GF Pale Ale 3.8% (440ml)

  • 1x Bier Company x Mad Squirrel Alliance - APA 4.6% (330ml)

  • 1x Bier Company x Mad Squirrel Money Tree - Kolsch Lager 5% (330ml)

  • 2x Native - Helles Lager 4.9% (330ml)

  • 1x Sumo - American Pale Ale (APA) 4.7% (330ml)

3 x Bier Snacks
  • A selection of 3 out of our 6 Bier Snacks, this includes our new release craft beer pairing snacks Bier Crisps and our original craft beer pairing snacks Bier Nuts
1 x Limited Edition Mad Squirrel Craft Master Glass

Also included:

  • Branded Beer Mats

The Limited Edition Brews

Wies'n Hefeweizen 5.2% (440ml)

Wies’n is the nickname for where Oktoberfest is held, in Central Munich. This year we have brewed a classic German wheat to celebrate Oktoberfest. Expect subtle hints of both banana and clove in this rich wheat-filled brew.

Alphonso Mango NEIPA 5.8% (440ml)

The ‘Alphonso’ mango is one of the highest quality and freshest varieties of the mango family. With a rich and creamy texture, it really sits apart from the rest. As will this New England IPA. A tropical twist on a classic NEIPA base with sweet mango pushing through the hoppy flavour profile.

New Breed New England DIPA 8% (440ml)

Welcome to our new breed of DIPA. Push your boundaries and experience this demonstration of new experimental hops. HBC 586 and 630 provide a hop profile of sweet fruit and berries and are backed up with the tropical crowd-pleaser, Idaho-7. This inventive blend introduces the chemistry of flavours to your tastebuds. This brew is a breed apart!

Roadkill NEIPA 6.5% (440ml)

Cruising along at 65mph, top down, juicy hops riding shotgun, oats and wheat in the back, and a squashed squirrel on the bumper, this is the flavour-mobile and its number plate reads R0ADK1LL. Put your foot down, enjoy the sunshine haze and leave smooth tire tracks all over your tongue.  

Hopfest GF Pale Ale 3.8% (440ml)

Hopfest (literally a festival of hops) is a gluten-free pale/blonde with purpose. Dedicated to bringing you the very freshest, fruitiest hop vibes. Headlined by citra with centennial and chinook supporting, Hopfest is a pure rave of citrus refreshment. 

Limited Edition Mad Squirrel Craft Master Glass

Mad Squirrel logo branded craft master glass. CE stamped and lined for 1/3 pint, 1/2 pint and 2/3 pint. Perfect size for 440ml cans

Bier Club

Bier Club is Live now!!!

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