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Bier Club

Bier Club - Bier Company
Bier Club
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Bier Club

Delivery Frequency

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- 8 craft beers from 8 different breweries delivered monthly

- Gold Bier Club glass (2nd month)

- One of our Bier Snacks

- Bier Guide tasting notes to walk you through the beers

Additional Perks

- Automatic entry to our monthly Black Card draw (chance to win free beers for life)

- Free next-day delivery site-wide on all orders (usually £3.50)

- Access to the members lounge where members can see member-only products at insanely good member-only prices

What's Included Each Month?

8 Craft Beers From 8 Different Breweries


- Treat your tastebuds to 8 different beers across multiple styles every month


- Never drink the same beer twice


- Indulge on hoptastic exclusive beers, brewed specifically for us to give to you

Gold Bier Club Glass


- Gold Bier Club Craft Master Glass™


- Perfect drinking experience guaranteed


- Engineered shape specifically for craft beer tasting

Bier Snack From The Range


- Compliments the flavours of the craft beers


- Enhanced flavour with our secret recipes


- Freshness guaranteed from high demand

Bier Guide Tasting Notes


- Discover the hops that fuel your favourite beers


- Compare your thoughts with the brewers, in the tasting notes


- Guides you through your drinking experience

Additional Perks


Unlock Entry Into Our Black Card draw


- Chance to win FREE beers for life


- Winners are drawn each month and the draw is posted on socials


- All Black Card holders benefit from the additional perks of the Bier Club

Free Next-Day Delivery Site-Wide


- Restock your fridge without hesitation 


- Ship seasonal gifts free to yourself or the recipient


- Always tracked next-day delivery

Access To The Members Lounge


- Member-only packages


- Member-only prices


- Huge discounts all round

Receive 2 Golden Tickets Each Month

Every box contains a magazine including 2 Golden Tickets you can share with your mates - each ticket gets them a FREE first Bier Club box!


Once both are redeemed, you also get your next Bier Club box for FREE.


Help us spread the good word of Bier Club each month, and you could get your box free every time!

Bier Club

Bier Club is Live now!!!

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