What’s in the August Bier Box?

July 2022 Bier Box

Pack your bags because it’s time to hit the beach this August with our sensational selection of summer lovin’ Bier Box beers. Get ready to be transported to a world of sun, sea and sand with the likes of Don’t be Shady and Punctured Beach Ball. Ride the sweet waves with La Vida Loca and when the sun goes down it’s time to party with Miami inspired Delray Beach. Need to cool off? Look no further than Mellow Jello, this classic Keller Pils is as light as it is refreshing. What we know for sure is that this August Bier Box looks set to be a scorcher.

La Vida Loca by Electric Bear | Pale Ale | 5%

Get ready to ride the waves with the sweet notes of La Vida Loca. This soft and juicy pale ale is everything you need and more for an epic day at the beach. When you’re done riding the soft, pillowy waves, chill out with the restrained but balanced bitter notes of Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra hops all while enjoying the subtle floral and fruity notes of refreshing peaches.

La Vida Loca Profile: 

  • Eyes: Straw-like, Hazy, Light Fluffy Head
  • Smell: Sweet tinned peaches
  • Taste: Soft pillow mouth feel

Poisen Dart 

Delray Beach by Bristol Beer Factory | US IPA | 5%

The Bristol Beer Factory brings the Miami beach party to you this summer, with their sensational American IPA; Delray Beach. Packing a party loving punch at 5% you’ll take a ride downtown into the zingy citrus zone, here you’ll find the original floral Miami party, bursting with tropical, hoppy flavours - you won’t find any fillers here! Get ready for the huge floral start with citrus and orange goodness before dancing the night away.  

Delray Beach Profile:

  • Eyes: Pale
  • Smell: Floral, Orange
  • Taste: Tropical Grapefruit

Lupa Lion

Mellow Jello by Six Degrees North | Keller Pils | 4.1%

When it’s time to cool off, look no further than Mellow Jello. This classic Keller Pils is as light as it is refreshing. With a slight golden haze, it’s perfect for floating off into calmer waters. The natural carbonation adds body to this refreshing pilsner so you’re sure to be feeling zen in no time. When it comes to flavour the natural grain, citrus and earthy grass notes will leave you feeling more than a little chilled this summer.  

Mellow Jello Profile:

  • Eyes: Light Gold, Slight Haze
  • Nose: Grain, Citrus, Earthy Grass
  • Mouth: Clean, Crisp

Toucan Boogie

Lady Godiva by Utopian Brewing | Lager | 4.7%

Lady Godiva is the only companion you need on a hot summer’s day. Rocking chilled beach vibes, this signature British lager, is effortlessly dry hopped and invigoratingly refreshing. It’s been slowly fermented and cold conditioned to give it a beautiful citrus and stone fruit flavour. We think this beer really reaches utopian heights.

Lady Godiva Profile:

  • Eyes: Golden
  • Nose: Tropical Citrus
  • Mouth: Crisp, Clean, Tropical Stone Fruit

Gweilo Tiger IPA

The Tropics by Dig Brew | IPA | 6.5%

Take a trip to the sun-soaked tropics this summer with this tutti, fruity blockbuster from our new friends at Dig Brew. Not only does it look and smell incredible but it tastes extraordinary too. Packing a punch at 6.5% this Indian pale ale is bursting with flavour and aroma. You’ll find yourself transported to the gentle swaying of palm trees with notes of pineapple, orange and juicy stone fruits and the hazy warm skies that only the tropics can offer.

The Tropics Profile:

  • Eyes: Soft, Hazy Pale, Yellow Beer
  • Nose: Tropical Pineapple, Orange
  • Mouth: Orange Juicy Pine, Stone Fruits

Union of the Snake by Twisted Wheel

Punctured Beach Ball by Firebrand Brewing Co | Session IPA | 4.5%

Fun times are to be had with this beach loving session IPA straight from our friends at Firebrand Brewing Co in Cornwall - the home of sun, sea and surf. Full of tropical, refreshing flavours and a dry, crisp bitterness, this beer is made for a session in the sun. Hopped with Mosiac and Ekuanot you’ll enjoy the taste bud tantalising flavours of grapefruit, orange and papaya.  

Punctured Beach Ball Profile:

  • Eyes: Deep Gold
  • Nose: Mango, Orange
  • Mouth: Citrus Fruit Papaya

Don't Hurry Be Happy Northern Monk

Don’t be Shady by Tooth & Claw | IPA | 4.6%

Slap on the cream and get out in the sun with this juicy, sessionable IPA. Bursting with tropical flavours of pineapple and passionfruit, Don’t be Shady is pure refreshment in a can. Sit back and enjoy the deliciousness of this crisp, golden beer - it’s one we know you’re going to love.  

Don’t be Shady Profile:

  • Eyes: Crisp, Gold
  • Nose: Citrus, Passionfruit
  • Mouth: Pineapple, Berries

Don't Lose Your Head Two Tribes

Number 5 by BBNO | New England IPA | 5.5%

Drift off to soft golden shores with this refreshing New England IPA. Full of comforting summer warmth and vibrant hops, it's a modern pale ale at its best. Pour this beer under sunshine-filled skies to unveil an aroma of tropical fruits and flavours of ripe peach and zesty orange. All that’s left to do is sit back and relax.

Number 5 Profile:

  • Hazy, Golden
  • Malty, Stonefruit
  • Juicy with a slight bitter twist

Monkey by Wildcard

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