What’s in the July Bier Box?

July 2022 Bier Box

Sit back and relax this July with our dreamy ‘Head in the Clouds’ Bier Box. Get ready to journey through the sky and up to the heavens, where you’ll find the mysterious powers of Zeus and the tantalising tastes of Hypnotic. Peer through the haze to find Hypnos but don’t forget to visit the sweet beauty of Spectrum on your way. As you journey back through the clouds take a moment to explore the delight that is Digital Dreaming before coming to land in the fruity forest of Juicy 4PM. July’s Bier Box is one that only beer lovers can dream of. 

Zeus Juice by Mad Dog Brewery | IPA | 6%

Zeus Juice is a beer fitting for only the most powerful of Greek Gods. Perching on his clouds, high up in the sky, he is seen striking this Indian pale ale with lightning bolts of strong pine and citrus hops. Bursting with strength and power, the malty body and medium bitterness brings golden, citrus notes right to the forefront of your senses. This bitter beer is sure to leave you praying for more.

Zeus Juice Profile: 

  • Eyes: Golden
  • Smell: Citrus, Pine
  • Taste: Dry, Bitter

Poisen Dart 

Factor 42 by Only with Love | New England Pale Ale | 4.2%

Factor 42 is an epic Bier Company exclusive that is not only a sunshine, fun time, smasher but we’re pretty sure holds life’s answers; well certainly the answer to beer anyway. Packed full of flavour, this super fruity New England pale ale is as sharp as it is refreshing. Get ready to explore this beer galaxy and beyond.  

Factor 42 Profile:

  • Eyes: Super Fruity, Hazed
  • Smell: Cashmere, Ella
  • Taste: Sharp, Lemon, Refreshing

Lupa Lion

Hypnos by Hand Brew | New England Pale Ale | 5.6%

Let your mind drift into a deep sleep with the almighty powers of Hypnos. A sensational New England pale ale that ensures you’ll be floating off into the calming world of tropical fruits and hazy, yellow hops in no time. Bursting with strength and flavour this is the beer dreams are made of.  

Hypnos Profile:

  • Eyes: Hazy, Yellow, Pale
  • Nose: Melon, Tropical Fruit
  • Mouth: Grapefruit, Peach, Pine

Toucan Boogie

Spectrum by Staggeringly Good | IPA | 4.3%

Spectrum brings together creamy white clouds and hoppy goodness to create an epic low gravity beer. One that is surely not of this earth. Explore the divine array of sweet pineapple, burnt orange and woody pine notes, all blended together in harmony, in this crisp Indian pale ale. A beer that certainly measures ‘staggeringly good’ on our spectrum.

Spectrum Profile:

  • Eyes: Burnt Orange, Creamy White Head
  • Nose: Sweet Pineapple, Pine
  • Mouth: Fruity, Sweet, Crisp Bitterness

Gweilo Tiger IPA

Digital Dreams by Big Hug Brewing | New England Pale Ale | 4.8

Make your dreams digital with this beer blockbuster by Big Hug Brewing. A superb New England pale ale that has you jumping from cloud-to-cloud. This NEIPA is packed with a dry hop blend of Mosaic T90 and Mosaic Cryo to deliver a fresh aroma of peach, stone fruit and berry. There’s no bitterness here, just soft fluffy clouds of beer joy.

Digital Dreams Profile:

  • Eyes: Cloudy, Yellow
  • Nose: Stone Fruit, Berry
  • Mouth: Peach, Citrus

Union of the Snake by Twisted Wheel

Juicy 4PM by One Mile End | New England Pale Ale | 4.9%

Get ready to lose your head with Juicy 4PM; the delectable New England pale ale that is packed with powerful hops and alluring citrus notes. Be delighted with strong notes of tropical fruits such as papaya, lemon and orange. With a soft, smooth mouthfeel and a touch of bitterness there’s only one way back down.  

Juicy 4PM Profile:

  • Eyes: Hazy Straw, Pale Gold
  • Nose: Papaya, Lemon, Orange Citrus, Blueberry
  • Mouth: Smooth with little Bitterness

Don't Hurry Be Happy Northern Monk

Voodoo Ranger by New Belgium Brewing | IPA | 5.3%

Watch out for the Voodoo Ranger while you’re up there. He’s not only dashing, daring and down-right handsome but he knows how to make out-of-this-world beer. This hazy IPA is a flavour bomb packed with pineapple, guava and aromatic hops. Look for his softer side and you’ll find a sweet, light white foam with splattering’s of gold.  

Voodoo Profile:

  • Eyes: Hazy Pale, Gold, Light White Foam
  • Nose: Pineapple, Guava
  • Mouth: Sweet, Light Bitter, Clean Finish

Don't Lose Your Head Two Tribes

See No Evil by Wild Card | West Coast IPA | 4.2%

Can’t believe what you’re seeing and tasting from up above? There’s no fooling around with this intensely flavoured West Coast IPA. It’s been fermented with the clean US05 yeast and dry hopped with Columbus, Citra and Simcoe. So, all you need to do is relax and saviour the citrus notes of lemon, grapefruit and orange in this crafty beer.

See No Evil Profile:

  • Eyes: Low Hazy, Amber
  • Nose: Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange
  • Mouth: Citrus, Piney, Bitter

Monkey by Wildcard

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