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Lager Birthday Beer Box

Lager Birthday Beer Box - Bier Company

Lager Birthday Beer Box

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What you get in the Medium box:

If you like Craft Lagers then this worldie of a pack with hit sweet spot! This box contains 8 different British Craft Lagers from 8 different craft breweries, as well as a selection of Bier Snacks.

8 cans of Lager from 8 Different Brewers

  • 1x Mad Squirrel - Money Tree Kolsch Lager 5% (330 ml)

  • 1x Wildcard - Old Dog New Tricks Lager 4.4% (330 ml)

  • 1x Glen Affric - Munro Bagger Session Lager 3.6% (330 ml)

  • 1x Two Tribes - Mariachi Lager 4.7% (330 ml)

  • 1x Big Hug - What The Helles Lager 4% (330 ml)

  • 1x First Chop - ACE Lager 4.8% (330 ml)

  • 1x By The Horns - West End Pils 4% (330 ml)

  • 1x Camden - Helles Lager 4.6% (330ml)

A selection of 3 snacks from our Bier Snacks range
  • Bier Crisps: Bomber Cheese
  • Bier Crisps: Texas BBQ
  • Bier Crisps: Bangkok Sweet Chilli
  • Bier Nuts: Classic
  • Bier Nuts: Jalapeno
  • Bier Nuts: Masala Curry

1 x Bier Co Tasting Glass

Also Included

  • Branded Beer Mats

Bier Club

Join the nation's N°1 craft beer subscription!

Savour 8 rare and exclusive beers from 8 independent breweries each month, plus:

• Gold-plated members glass

• Bier snacks

• Access to the Members Area including our best deals

• Free next-day shipping sitewide

• Entry to the Black Card draw (FREE BEERS FOR LIFE!)

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