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Bier Champions Euro Lager Box

Bier Champions Euro Lager Box
Bier Champions Euro Lager Box
Bier Champions Euro Lager Box

Bier Champions Euro Lager Box

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Full details of the package explained below including: 24 x Premium Euro Lagers for each competing nation, 6 x Bier Snacks, Free Box Sweepstake Spin The Wheel, Unlock EPP - Emergency P*ss-up Policy, Knockout Tournament Tree, 'Drink Eliminated Beer' Game, Full fixture list & more...

What's in the Bier Champions Euro Lager Box

24 cans of Craft Lager for the 24 competing nations

Staff Highlights:

England - Bier Company - "It's Coming Home Lager" - Lager 4.5% (330ml)

North Macedonia - Bier Company - "Happy to be here" - Lager 5% (330ml)

Germany - And Union - "Saturday Pilsner" - Lager 5% (330ml)

Spain - Barcelona Beer Company - "Anita Pilsner" - Lager 4.4% (330ml)

France - Saint Omer - "Lager" - Lager 5% (330ml)

Finland - Latilian Craft Brewery - "Kukko Helles" - 5% (330ml)

Croatia - The Garden Brewery - "Pilsner" - Lager 4.5% (330ml)

6 x Bier Snacks

A selection of 6 of our Bier Snacks, this includes our new release craft beer pairing snacks Bier Crisps and our original craft beer pairing snacks Bier Nuts.

Bier Crisp Flavours (NEW RELEASE): Bomber Cheese, Texas BBQ, Bangkok Sweet Chilli.

Bier Nuts Flavours: Classic, Jalapeño, Masala Curry.

Introducing the Bier Company Euro Sweepstake!

Spin The Wheel & Unlock the chance to win your EURO Lager Box for FREE.

- IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You will receive an email with a custom link to the spin the wheel after purchase. 

- Once you click your personal link the FUN begins and a webpage with the live wheel of flags will appear and you will then spin and be allocated with your sweepstake team.

- Don't worry about having to take any pictures for reference if your team wins, as the team will be allocated to your personal account with us.

Best of Luck!

Accidently drunk your box early?

Don't worry our EMERGENCY P*SS-UP POLICY ensures you a chance to have 1 reload.

Emergency P*ss-Up Policy Breakdown:

- All 24 beers at a discounted price (60% off RRP at £39.95).

- 1 EPP Button available per customer and this is while stocks last.

- EPP is activated by scanning a QR code on the back of your Euro Lager Box and please note that the code only works once per customer.

How Tournament Tree Technology Works:

The TTT works to guide you through the tournament and there are two methods available to everyone.

Physical (on the box)

- This feature is for the veterans that have had tournament tree sheets from newspapers over the years, who are more than familiar with how this works and can just crack on.

Interactive (Social Media Video Demonstrations)

- If you are not familiar with us you won't know how active we are on our social media pages and how we love to engage with our followers.

Therefore, we will be taking you through the tournament process with:

- Regular video updates on when teams have been Eliminated.  

- The re-shuffle process at the end of the group stages and at each of the knockout rounds.

So you can just sit back and enjoy the tournament without any hassle and some fantastic European lagers.