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Craft Lager Mixed Brewery Beer Box

Craft Lager Mixed Brewery Beer Box V1

Craft Lager Mixed Brewery Beer Box

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What you get in the Medium box:

Introducing the first release in our newest Craft Lager mixed brewery range! Featuring 8 Craft Lagers from 8 breweries across Europe, showcasing some of the hottest new releases on offer.
8 cans of Craft Lager
  • 1x Tiny Rebel Key Lime Lager 4.3% (330ml) - Wales

  • 1x Camden Helles - Lager 4.6% (330ml) - England

  • 1x Hyllie Bryggeri Skånsk - Lager 5.2% (330ml) - Sweden

  • 1x Browar Maryensztadt Pils - Pilsner 4.1% (330ml) - Poland

  • 1x By The Horns Brewing - Bratislager Slovakian Pils 5% (330ml) - England

  • 1x Laitilan Craft Kukko - Helles 5% (330ml) - Finland

  • 1x Stiegl Goldbräu - Lager 5% (330ml) - Austria

  • 1x The Garden Brewery Pilsner - Pilsner 4.5% (330ml) - Croatia

3 x Bier Snacks
  • 2x Bier Crisps
  • 1x Bier Nuts

1 x Premium Bier Nuts Glass

Also Included

  • Branded Beer Mats

Bier Club Is Brewing....

Coming Soon...

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