What to look for in a Beer Advent Calendar


With the festive season fast approaching we can’t think of a better way to countdown to Christmas than with a delicious craft beer each day. That’s why this year we’ve gone to great lengths to create our most impressive beer advent calendar yet. Whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one, we’re confident that you’re going to be impressed with what you find hiding behind each door. In this latest blog post we explore what lies in wait for you in our Ultimate Craft Beer Advent Calendar 2022


The best beer advent calendars have…


Advent calendars are certainly no longer just for children, and rightly so! You can choose from foodie advent calendars, beauty advent calendars and alcohol advent calendars - but beer advent calendars are in a class of their own! With so many craft beer advent calendars now available, we’re here to point you in the direction of the best craft beer advent calendar and what amazing features you should expect to find:

- 25 unusual, exciting and award-winning beers (because Christmas Day counts too right?!
- Delicious beer snacks
- A premium beer drinking glass
- Stunning design features
- And of course, an obligatory pair of funky, seasonal socks 

    What you’ll find in the Ultimate Craft Beer Advent Calendar 2022


    With the Bier Company’s Ultimate Craft Beer Advent Calendar you’ll kick off the festive season in the right way with delicious hand-picked beers and tasty treats. Here’s what you or your loved ones can expect to find:


    1. 25 cans of sensational craft beer 

    Right from day one you’ll be treated to an epic range of exclusive craft beers. Our calendar has been specially designed to showcase the best craft beer from 25 different award-winning UK and European craft breweries. You’ll find a wide range of styles from IPAs, lagers and hazy pales so each day you’ll get to enjoy something different. There are even exclusive beers that have been specifically brewed for this year's advent calendar and kicking things off is an extra-large (440ml) Bier Company exclusive beer behind door number one. 


    2. More-ish craft beer snacks

    Not only do you get a stunning extra-large craft beer behind door number one but there’s also 3 cans of our tasty Bier Nuts ready for you to much your way through too. You’ll find the 'Classic' crunchy coated peanut made from our own secret recipe, our iconic spiced Masala beer nuts and Mexican inspired Jalapeno flavoured nuts. The only issue you’ll have is not eating them all in one go!


    3. Exclusive extras

    We’re really spoiling you on day one because not only will you receive an extra-large craft beer and three cans of Bier Company nuts but you’ll also find an exclusive Aviero beer-tasting glass that has been specially created for the perfect pour and complete festive drinking experience. To top off the 1st December there’s a pair of funky Bier Co. branded socks which make for the perfect winter accessory in the lead up to Christmas. 


    4. Insta worthy design features

    So, we’ve covered the beer, snacks and obligatory Christmas socks but what about the awesome design features? We think that the best beer advent calendars should be a Christmas decoration in its own right and at almost one metre tall our advent calendar dominates all the other advent calendars. It is carefully designed to stay rock-solid and stand up tall, so it can take pride of place throughout December. Behind each door there’s a classic Christmas story and comic strip to share with the kids and with our discreet delivery packaging there’s no risk of ruining the surprise early.


    5. Box-for-Life

    We love our advent calendar so much that we’ve developed a QR code that enables you to scan and refill your box at any time, so you can go on loving it year after year. Pack it away with the lights and decorations and enjoy discovering it again next year with a whole new set of beers by simply scanning the QR code. 

    Ready for your December craft beer adventure? Shop the Ultimate Craft Beer Advent Calendar today. 

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