What is Oktoberfest?


We all understand the gist of Oktoberfest...

Big beer steins filled with lager + traditional German outfits = a good time!

This year it runs from Saturday 17th September - Monday 3rd October.
But where did it come from?

It all started back in 1810, when the crown prince of the recently established kingdom of Bavaria, Louis I, was to marry Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Louis was known for his enthusiasm and patronage of the arts, and decided to throw a festival in honour of the wedding.


The entire city of Munich was lit up with lights and decorations, and artists and wealthy citizens competed for who could put on the most dazzling display of paintings and writings. For 5 days, everyone rejoiced with enormous amounts of free food, beer, wine, music, theatre and horse racing.


The festival was such a success it was repeated year after year, growing and growing, until today where celebrations can be found all over the world.
As King, Louis I went on to transform Munich in to the artistic centre of Germany.


Oktoberfest doesn't mark the beginning of any special time of year, it doesn't have much religious context, and there's no supernatural myths to go alongside it...
It simply continues in the spirit of having a good time!
That's why we're huge fans of this time of year, and we want to encourage more people to celebrate it this year too.


This year we've created a specially arranged Oktoberfest box which you can get your hands on here.

Tell your family and friends! It's time to have a good time and enjoy good food and drink, the Bavarian way!

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