The Ultimate Guide to Alcohol-Free Craft Beer


Gone are the days where being the designated driver means boring, uninspiring drinks. In their place you’ll now find a wide variety of enticing alcohol-free versions that can rival even the best full-strength drinks. The alcohol-free market has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years with many of us understanding the numerous benefits that come with consuming less alcohol. With so many mouth-watering alcohol-free craft beers now available we’re here to give you the low down on everything you need to know about going alcohol-free.


Why should I try an alcohol-free craft beer?

With so many fantastic options now available it’s a great time to delve into the wonderful world of non-alcoholic craft beer. Here’s why we think you should give them a try

1. You no longer have to comprimise on taste


First and foremost, alcohol-free craft beer tastes incredible! Things have come a long way since the not-so-nice tasting options that used to fill the supermarket shelves. Our independent breweries have heard your cries for some great tasting, low alcohol, craft beer and you can now find many superb options that give even the full-strength versions a run for their money. 


Looking for some to try? Our fabulous ultimate alcohol-free craft beer box is packed full of alcohol-free craft beers so even those who don’t normally drink beer will love these. If you’re into the hoppy notes of an IPA you’ll love ‘Lazer Crush’ from London based Beavertown Brewery. Or for an easy drinking, floral craft lager why not try ‘Big Drop’ from Uptown Lager? Both have a 0.0% alcohol content but the craft beer taste you love.


2. A great option for alcohol free days


We all know that drinking large amounts of alcohol everyday isn’t good for us. In fact, the NHS recommends that we try to have several alcohol free days each week and an alcohol-free craft beer is a great way of doing this. Research has found that when we drink full strength beer our bodies release dopamine - when we drink the alcohol-free versions our brain associates the smell and flavour in the same way - in essence it’s been conditioned to release this feel-good chemical. You can enjoy the same great taste, without the fuzzy head in the morning, that’s a win-win in our book!


3. Its even good for you


There’s a growing body of research to suggest that alcohol-free beer is actually pretty good for you too. Packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals, research highlighted the important effect non-alcoholic beer can have in reducing inflammation and respiratory tract illnesses. Research has also discovered that the consumption of alcohol-free beer could lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and a 2012 study concluded that consuming non-alcoholic beer should help bring about a great night's sleep. With the evidence stacking up in favour for alcohol-free beer you can rest assured that it’s an excellent alternative to the real thing.  


4. Ideal if you’re counting the calories


According to the NHS there’s the calorie equivalent of one Mars Bar in every pint of 5% beer! So, if you’re looking to cut down on a few calories, switching to an alcohol-free craft beer is a great way to cut down without compromising on taste. For example, the incredible ‘Infinite Session IPA’ found in our alcohol-free beer gift set contains 75% less calories than a standard 5% ABV beer. Bear in mind though that not all non-alcoholic beers are low in calories due to their high natural sugar content - craft beers labelled as ‘light’ tend to have fewer calories and less alcohol. 


5. The choice is yours


With the alcohol-free market booming you’ll now find a wide variety of alcohol-free craft beers available to try. Whether you're looking for a pale ale, IPA, lager or stout there’s a fabulous array of alcohol-free beer to choose from. Not sure where to start? Here at the Bier Company we’re excited to offer our ultimate alcohol-free beer gift set which is bursting with 16 cans (large gift set) of alcohol-free beer from eight specialist UK craft breweries. So, whether you love the aromatic hops of ‘Brulo - 7 Grain 7 Hop IPA 0.0%’ or the crisp, refreshing zing of Hammerton’s brewery ‘Zed Pale Ale 0.5%’ you’re sure to be impressed with this awesome selection of alcohol-free craft beer. 

Alcohol free vs Low alcohol is there a difference?

Yes, but it might not be as you imagine. In the UK, law dictates that beer branded ‘alcohol-free’ can actually contain a very small amount of alcohol (up to 0.05% ABV) this is due to the fact some alcohol occurs naturally in the brewing process. A low-alcohol beer can have up to 1.2% ABV and de-alcoholised beer should have no more than 0.5% ABV. 


Interesting fact: current UK food labelling regulations state that the term ‘non-alcoholic’ cannot be used in conjunction with a name associated with an alcoholic drink, unless it’s communion wine!  

Is alcohol-free beer manufactured in the same way as full-strength beer?

Most alcohol-free beer begins its life in the same way as an alcoholic beer so you will enjoy the same delicious taste as a full-strength beer. During the brewing process the alcohol is either extracted or diluted to produce alcohol free versions. This extraction usually happens via heating/evaporation or filtration. 

Can I get drunk from alcohol free beer?

Since alcohol-free beer still contains alcohol, albeit in very small amounts, you may be wondering whether you can get drunk if you consume a large quantity? In short, no. This is because your body will process the alcohol almost as quickly as you can drink it. Therefore, any drink below 0.5% ABV is not classed as alcohol and is very unlikely to make you feel drunk. 


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