Everything you need for an epic World Cup Party


The 20th November is fast approaching and as any football fan will know it’s a date not to be forgotten. It’s the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar! There’s a wave of excitement, anticipation and hype growing, and that’s just here at Bier Company! We’re here to get you in the party spirit with our top tips for throwing an awesome World Cup party, with a few beers thrown in too of course! So, hold onto your hats as this World Cup season is sure to be a belter. 

1. The heart of an epic World Cup party? Football and beer of course!

Let's start with the really important stuff; Beer! We’re pretty sure that beer and football are a match made in heaven. That’s why we’ve brought together our awesome beers and packaged them in an incredible box which will have you and your mates jumping for joy!


Our Bier Company Craft Beer World Cup Box has all the beginnings of an epic World Cup party. Firstly, you’ll find 32 exclusive craft beers - that’s one for every country in the tournament. There’s a wide variety of our favourite styles from lagers, IPAs and hazy pales so you’ll find something to suit all your guests. Each craft beer has been allocated to a country participating in the 2022 Qatar World Cup and if they lose you drink the beer! 


Having a large party? You’re going to need some top ups! But don’t worry we’ve got you covered - simply scan the QR code on the side of the box and order as many refills as you need. And that’s not all, on the inner door of the impressive box you’ll find a full tournament tree so you can keep track of the matches and follow the winners climb the ranks to glory!

2. You’re going to need some delicious snacks

So that’s the beer sorted but you’re going to need some tasty snacks to share around. Here at the Bier Company, we think beer and snacks go hand in hand so we’ve spent a lot of time developing a range of craft beer snacks that pair perfectly with a pint and party. Whether you opt for the Classic crunchy coated peanuts, get a bit spicy with the Jalapeno flavour nuts or combine your party with a pint and Masala curry flavour peanuts you’ve got the makings of an epic World Cup gathering. 


You could also get creative with your food offerings and take it as an opportunity to try out different cuisines from around the world. We love the idea of assigning each of your guests a participating country and asking them to bring a dish to represent that country. Think Mexican nachos, Spanish paella, American buffalo wings and good old English fish and chips! All paired perfectly with a pint of proper craft beer of course. 

3. Bring everything together with some awesome World Cup decorations

There’s nothing quite like making a good first impression and adorning your house in fabulous football decorations is a sure way of getting you and your mates into the World Cup party spirit. Think football bunting, World Cup flags, stadium backdrops and oversized blown- up trophies! You could even go all out with a football themed balloon arch. When it comes to the tableware, get creative with football themed plates, cups and napkins. In the case of a World Cup party, more really is more!

4. Don’t forget the World Cup party games

No party is complete without some epic entertainment, and there’s nothing like a few football themed activities and party games to evoke the spirit of competition in preparation for the big game. Here’s a few ideas to get your World Cup party started:


  1. Football Trivia: Why not get your guests warmed up for the big game with some fun football trivia. We’ve even done the hard work for you by packing the back of our World Cup beer box with quiz questions so you can test your mates to see how much they really do know about football. Only the most devoted fans will get these right.  

  2. Guess the Game: This is great for all your guests whether they are avid football fans or not. Compile a list of 15 or so questions that no one can predict like; ‘which team will be the first to have a yellow card’, ‘which player will be the first to take a corner?’ and ‘will a team score in the last 5 minutes?’. Tally up the scores at the end of the game and reward the winner with one of our amazing craft beer boxes.

  3. Blow the football: During half time gather everyone around the table. Each guest has their own paper ball and a straw. The aim of the game is to be the first to get your ball through the goal posts at the end of the table. The winner is the person to have scored the most goals during the half time break. Just wait for the chaos and dodgy tactics to ensue!

  4. Fancy dress football style: There’s nothing like getting into the spirit of a party with some good old fancy dress and we’re pretty sure that your mates are going to love dressing up as their favourite footballers, past or present. Have a trophy (and beer!) ready to award to the winning costume.

  5. Keepie Uppies: Since it’s unlikely that you’re going to want actual footballs being kicked around your house, why not get yourself some mini stuffed footballs and compete against each other to see who can achieve the most ‘keepie uppies’. You lose? You drink! The winner stays on!


Now all that’s left to do is get the World Cup party started with our Ultimate World Cup beer box!

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