Dig Brew Co

Dig Brew started with Oli, the founder and now MD, as a university project 9-ish years ago - "Oli's Bar" was a student art project that Oli set up and ran from his studio space. After Uni, he explored other ventures before eventually settling on opening a brewery 2017, and they've been going ever since.

Dig Brew Co

We brew what we think are some of the most exciting and interesting beers on the market in the UK right now, and we don't shy away from any styles. From humble cask beers, tables and session pale to super pulpy, smoothie sours and gose, all the way up to 13% barrel-aged imperial stouts - there is nothing we don't want to try and be the best-in-class at making. We pride ourselves on being experimental and striving for continual improvement.

Over the last five years, we have honed our craft, built the story, and launched some incredible beers. Potion and OPTIMO are our core beer. and we're super happy with them - but even if they aren't the "final product". with new processes, methods and products coming onto the market, we still experiment and look for improvements. Most recently, we've swapped out the pellets of Mosaic for new and innovative Spectrum Mosaic with which we've found great success. 

At Dig Brew, we have the ambition to own a reputation as the UK's best brewery. This philosophy is present in everything that we make from a brewing perspective, but also in our branding, design and marketing work, as well as the ethical, corporate and the financial side of things too!

We care a lot about the beer we produce. which goes for every aspect of it: taste, colour, texture, design, how it fits into the broader Dig Brew story, hand drawing all the names. everything. We're always looking for improvements.

Dig Brew featured in August's On The Beach Bier Club, and if you're a Bier Club member, then we hope you enjoyed it! 


If you're not a Bier Club member then you can join the UK's best beer club here. 

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