Best Beers for Oktoberfest 2022

Whether you’re looking for a taste of Oktoberfest at home or you’re planning to throw your very own Oktoberfest party, we’re here to help with our specially curated Oktoberfest beer pack and guide. In this latest blog you’ll find out more about this famous beer festival, where it originates from and what beers you should enjoy as part of an authentic Oktoberfest party here in the UK.


When is Oktoberfest?

Despite being called Oktoberfest the iconic beer festival actually runs from Saturday 17th September to Monday 3rd October in 2022. It normally runs for 16 days with the last day being the first Sunday in October. 

A brief history of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is an annual beer festival originating in Munich, Germany. It dates back to 1810 and actually began as a wedding celebration which put top-quality, local craft beer right at the heart of the occasion. The celebration continued for days and became so famous that it soon became an annual event, passionately showcasing local beer. Today, Oktoberfest is celebrated in many countries around the world, including here in the UK.

Fun Fact: Only six Munich-based breweries are allowed to provide beer for the Oktoberfest festival including: Augustinerbräu Münche (Augustiner); Hacker-Pschorr; Hofbräu; Löwenbräu; Paulaner; and Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu (Spaten).

What style of beer is traditionally served at Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest beers are German lagers that are usually amber in colour and have a crisp, dry finish. The flavour is typically rich and malty, not dissimilar to German pilsners, although they traditionally pack more of a punch at around 6-7% ABV.

Oktoberfest | Märzen

One of the beers most commonly associated with Oktoberfest is Märzen. This amber coloured, medium-bodied lager is malty in flavour with roasted caramel characteristics. It has a clean, crisp finish with an ABV of approx 6%.

Märzen was traditionally brewed at the start of Spring before being left to mature over the Summer months making it perfect for drinking by the end of September. This traditional Oktoberfest beer can still be found today in a broad range of shades but with a medium-to-full body.

Oktoberfest | Festbier

Festbier is a more modern Oktoberfest favourite and is often compared to Helles – another popular beer style produced in Germany. It generally has a light amber colour, moderate body and toasty flavours. Since it's made with spicy or floral hops, it can also have a malty taste and packs a punch with an ABV of 6.5%.


Try Oktoberfest beers with Bier Company


Here at Bier Company we are extremely excited to launch our Ultimate Oktoberfest Bier Box giving you a taste of Oktoberfest here in the UK. Our carefully curated Bier Box boasts an incredible range of German craft beer that are steeped in brewing history.


Our Ultimate Oktoberfest Bier Boxes are available in three box sizes so whether it's a tasting for one or a gathering of ten you’ll have everything you need to get the Oktoberfest party started. Here’s what you can expect to find in our Oktoberfest beer pack:

1. Spaten | Hell Helles Lager | 5.2%
Spaten is a premium, traditional German Helles lager. Produced by 14th century Spaten brewery, it is one of just six breweries that can officially brew Oktoberfest beer. Just like another favourite of ours, Löwenbräu Original, it is brewed according to the German Purity Law meaning it is refreshing and perfectly structured. Spaten is a wonderfully smooth lager with a light taste and golden colour. The floral hops and faint toffee aroma come together in harmony to serve up a deliciously bright beer.

2. Ayinger Kellerbier | Unfiltered Kellerbier | 4.9%
This traditional Bavarian beer is reminiscent of the good old times and specially formulated to honour the brewery's founder, Johann Liebhard. A key characteristic of the Kellerbier is its fine yeasty cloudiness that gives it a full-bodied and a pleasantly bitter taste. Many of the natural proteins, yeast and hops remain thanks to a lack of filtering and ensure that this very drinkable beer is true to its origins. Expect soft complex flavours with a sweet dry texture.

3. Hofbrau Original | Helles Lager | 5.1%
New to German beer? Check out the stunning Hofbrau Original. This superbly balanced Helles lager encapsulates Munich's character as the beer-making capital of Germany. Hofbrau Original is bursting with fruity malts, caramel notes and fine hops. Expect a vibrant yellow colour, foamy head and very drinkable 5.1% ABV.

4. Erdinger Weiss | Hefeweizen | 5.3%
This classic, pale wheat beer is produced by the world’s biggest wheat beer brewery; Erdinger Weissbräu. Located in the heart of Bravaria in the south-east of Germany they bring together classic recipes with the latest brewing technology to produce internationally acclaimed wheat beers. Erdinger Weissbier is a premium tasting Bavarian classic that is cloudy, yeast packed and full of flavour.

5. Löwenbräu Original | German Helles Lager | 5.2%
Incredibly this Munich brewed Helles lager originates all the way back to 1383. It was, and still is, made in accordance with German Reinheitsgebot (a purity law) that dates back to 1516. The legislation had three main aims: to protect drinkers from high prices; to ban the use of wheat in beer (so more bread could be made); and to stop brewers from adding toxic ingredients as preservatives or flavourings. Löwenbräu Original is slightly dry, with a trace of malt and delicately bitter. We consider it to be the Rolls Royce of Helles lager.

6. Paulaner | Munchener Hell Lager Helles | 4.9%
Paulaner is said to be the most popular lager in Bavaria and is also known as the ‘orginal Munich lager’ outside of Germany. It's said to truly reflect the German ethos towards great-tasting, pure, classic beer. Paulaner is easy-drinking and boasts mild malts, hints of sweetness and bitter hop notes. Expect a golden blonde colour, dry bitterness and a pure white head.

And since this is the Ultimate Bier Company Oktoberfest party beer box that’s not all! You’ll also find a selection of our deliciously more-ish crunchy coated peanuts, a pair of premium Oktoberfest Bier Co socks and a bespoke Bier Co Oktoberfest Stein so you can taste and savour the beer in the way it was intended. Don’t miss out, shop our Oktoberfest beer pack today!


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