Beer and Nuts: The Perfect Combination

Here at the Bier Company, we truly believe that beer and nuts are a match made in heaven. That’s why we’ve developed our specialist range of Bier Nuts to perfectly complement our fabulous range of craft beers. You’ll find three fantastic flavours to choose from including our 'Classic' crunchy coated peanuts, our iconic spiced Masala beer nuts and spicy Mexican inspired Jalapeño nuts. Here’s just a few of the reasons why we think you should check out our famous beer nuts. 

There’s science behind it

Yummy, tasty, flavoursome… that’s just some of the ways you can describe our nuts. But what are beer nuts and why do they taste so good with beer? It’s not just our opinion, there’s actually some science behind it. The Royal Society of Chemistry discovered that different foods can have a significant effect on how beer tastes. They found that eating peanuts makes beer taste sweeter and less bitter, enhancing the flavour. Most of us are predisposed to find overly bitter tastes unpleasant - an evolutionary defence mechanism - the saltiness found in beer nuts helps to balance out the flavour to make it taste even better. 

Helps to keep dry mouth at bay

Find that you sometimes have a dry, puckered mouth after drinking beer? That’s because of the tannins found naturally in many alcoholic drinks, including beer. Although they are an important part of the brewing process (they are formed from the malt and hops), research suggests that beers with high levels of tannins are responsible for causing the unpleasant dry mouth feeling. That’s where our nuts come in! The healthy fats and oils found in Bier nuts help to moisturise the mouth and since more saliva is produced when we eat, consuming nuts with beer can help to counteract the dry mouth sensation. So next time you’re enjoying a pint consider having a handful of nuts alongside.

Beer and nuts: phenomenal pairings

Pairing beer and nuts doesn’t have to be scientific or technical but we’ve got some great recommendations to get you started.   

Classic Flavour

Our much loved Classic Bier Company nuts are made from our own secret recipe and have a delicious crunchy coating. They are simply sublime when paired with the refreshing floral aromas of lagers and pilsners. Why not give our Ultimate Craft Lager Beer Box a try? Bursting with 12 different hand-selected lagers including ‘Helles’ from Camden Town Brewery and ‘Super Pils’ by Bavik, there’s also 3 cans of premium Bier nuts to get you started on your beer and nut pairing journey. 

Jalapeño Flavour 

The sumptuous balance of hops and malts in a pale ale make it a fabulous pairing for our Jalapeño flavoured Bier nuts. The floral and fruity notes in pale ales make them a popular beer that can be enjoyed with a wide variety of foods. Stouts such as the ‘Here There Everywhere Coffee Stout 7%’ found in our Bier Co x Twisted Wheel Brew Co box also taste fantastic with these Jalapeño nuts thanks to their full-bodied, rich roasted aromas. 

Masala Flavour

We all love beer and curry right? That’s why we created our Masala flavoured Bier Nuts, coated in a special spice mix from Northern India. These beer nuts pair especially well with IPAs and weissbiers such as the ‘Club Tropica’ and ‘Headliner’ IPA found in our epic IPA beer and snack gift box.

Struggling to decide between them? There’s no need to choose with the Bier Company, you can enjoy all 3 Bier Nut flavours - The ‘Classic’, Jalapeño and Masala Curry in our mixed case of beer nuts. You’ll also find an enticing selection of our nuts in specially curated craft beer and nuts gift sets.

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