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Bier Bible

July 2022 Bier Box

Latest articles

What is an IPA beer?

With its balanced flavour profile, smooth texture and high alcohol content there’s a lot to love in an IPA.

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Beer

There’s so many incredible craft beers to choose from out there. But what about vegan beer?

Brewery Bio - Wild Card Brewery

From humble beginnings come great things and that is certainly true for one of our closest collaborators; Wild Card Brewery.

Beer and Nuts: The Perfect Combination

Here at the Bier Company, we truly believe that beer and nuts are a match made in heaven. That’s why we’ve developed our specialist range of Bier Nuts

The Ultimate Guide to Alcohol-Free Craft Beer

With so many fantastic options now available it’s a great time to delve into the wonderful world of non-alcoholic craft beer.

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